Informations you'll need

1Length and Time of Ceremony
Your outside ceremony should be no longer than 30 minutes which would include the processional and recessional. Guests will start gathering at the venue 15- 30 minutes prior to the ceremony and may want to linger afterwards. However, they should not be held outside any more than one hour. I would suggest early evening ceremonies- at least an hour before sunset during the summer months. Spring, fall and winter are beautiful times and ceremonies can be held earlier in the day but remember photography is best not in the brightest sunlight of the day. A sunrise ceremony is also possible but should include a small number of guests.
2Honor the Special People in your Life
The opening words of the ceremony can be a message to the parents which thanks to them for bringing you to this place and time and for preparing you for love. We can also honor those that have gone before us and join us in spirit. This is also a great time to acknowledge children coming into the marriage.
3Can We Write Our Vows?
Absolutely! Your wedding ceremony is custom designed and written just for you – no cookie cutter “run of the mill” ceremonies here! I will email you several samples of ceremonies that I have written, once the booking and deposit is made. The ceremony should reflect the two of you and I encourage you to change my words or to “tweak” them to better reflect your thoughts. The words of your ceremony should capture and express the special love you have for each other. You also might consider including your children (with the Family Sand Ceremony or the Seashell Blessing) or special family members or friends (who could offer a reading). Since this is your wedding, it should include those passages that are meaningful to you. Keep in mind, the ceremony becomes a powerful statement of your new life together and is a public declaration of that commitment.
4Incorporation of Special Additions and Rituals
I will be happy to incorporate intimate and memorable additions into your ceremony. This could be the Sand Ceremony; Sharing of Wine: Jumping the Broom; Breaking the Glass; Hand Fasting; Shell Blessings; Hindu Seven Steps( Blessings) and other traditions that could have meaning for you. I will provide you with a complete listing of these special rituals as we begin to create your ceremony.
5Short-Term Wedding?
I will take all the time you want to plan your perfect ceremony, and make it completely personal and extremely special. However, I can also handle weddings on short notice and elopements. It is not unusual for me to perform a wedding with a couple of day’ s notice, yet after the ceremony, the guests assumed I had known the couple for years. I enjoy the honor of performing these ceremonies, so I take pride in making it perfect for you!
6What about a Microphone for the Beach Ceremony?
While the Gulf has relative calm waters, wind is often my competition. My suggestion is to have a microphone if you have over 35 guests. Wireless ones can be rented and can make a significant difference in hearing and enjoying the ceremony or your musician may have one that can be used.
7Pets at Ceremonies?
Many couples have beloved dogs they would like to include in their oceanfront ceremony. This could be possible if the town ordinance permits a leashed animal. They make great ring bearers or flower girls! I also have a great reading that speaks to the importance and love of an animal.


It is my belief that each couple should have a wedding as unique as they are. The ceremony should include all the elements that put their uniqueness into a very special perspective. If your religious backgrounds differ, each should be able to include those parts of each religious ceremony that mean the most to you and your families. If you are spiritual, rather than religious, I also have ceremonies that speak to that belief. So, have fun, be creative and enjoy the process of creating your ceremony. Here are some samples that I have written!