Wedding Ceremony Price Includes- $300.00

• Prompt response to emails, telephone calls and an in-person meeting, if desired.
• Working by email with the couple on the creative process of crafting a memorable ceremony
• Officiating the wedding ceremony in Sarasota County or Charlotte County
• A Marriage Certificate suitable for framing.
• Returning your marriage license to the appropriate Florida Register of Deeds office.

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Marriage Renewal Prices- $250.00

• Includes a Renewal Certificate suitable for framing.
• Officiating the ceremony in Sarasota or Charlotte County

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A ½ deposit will be required within 5 days of booking the ceremony. The balance is due 3 weeks before the ceremony. A check, or cash, will be fine. I do not accept credit cards.

Rehearsals- fee charged based on location

However, I do often find a rehearsal is not necessary because of our casual location. You may have a capable guest that excels at organizational skills that would be a perfect candidate to supervise the ceremony. Perhaps this Order of Procession would help you make that decision.

Order of Processional and Recessional

Brides family is seated on the left and the grooms is seated on the right ( from the back of the room) or this could also be in a standing situation.

The Processional

• Grooms Grandmother and Grandfather/ Brides Grandmother and Grandfather
• Grooms mother and father ( if not best man)
• Brides mother and father ( if not giving the bride away)
• Minister and Groom (Best man could also enter at this time and other groomsmen if they are not escorting the bridesmaids).
• Bridesmaids
• Ring Bearer -or he could enter with the minister, groom and groomsmen
• Flower Girl
• Bride and father

If you are hiring a Day-Of Wedding Planner, they usually conduct the rehearsal and there would be no need for me to be present.